On Geopolitical Correctness

World geography changes with the political tide. Writers must take special care to use current geopolitical references so as not to offend or to seem out of touch.

For example, references to those serial roadside Burma-Shave ads should now be referred to as “Myanmar-Shave Ads.”

2 comments on “On Geopolitical Correctness

  1. Madras Curry needs update.

    • Proofer T. Washington says:

      Absolutely. The next time you’re at your favorite Indian restaurant, instead of ordering Madras curry, you should ask for Chennapattanam curry. If the menu lists “Madras curry,” make sure you point it out to your server, calmly explain why it is incorrect, and request that the menu be updated. They will appreciate your care and understanding so much that they might even give you your meal on the house.

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